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February 23, 2008
Nyla Monet Augurson
my progress:
23 Sept 05 -- I'm finally here.  Thank God.  It was gettin' cramped inside my Mom's belly.  My Big Brother
kept poking at me all the time.  Now I can poke him back.  So far this new world seems fine.  I get milk
whenever I want and I sleep almost all day.  My first week of life has been exciting for me.  I had my first
bath, been to the movies, peed on my Mom, and something fell off my belly button.  My only complaint is the
noise.  My Big Brother is so excited that I'm here that he is all in my face all the time.  He talks so loud and
keeps touching me in the face.  What's up with that?  I will try to keep you all informed of my life but my Dad
has to type for me because I'm still trying to master holding my own head up.  Talk to you later.

13 Oct 05 -- I will be 1 month old tomorrow. It has been a great month.  I have been lots of places.  I get to
eat, sleep and play with my Brother.  He is still loud, but now my Dad is loud too.  What am I going to do with
them.  I got to see my Granny and Aunt Crystal.  I had fun with them.  I like to be held by my Granny.  My
Brother wants to play with me rough all the time.  I'm going to beat him up when I start walking, he better
watch out.

25 Feb 05 -- I'm 5 months old and I'm having fun.  I can talk now, but no one seems to understand what I'm
saying except my Dad.  Half the time he messes it up.  I can also sit up by myself.  I have been going to
daycare everyday and playing.  I have fun there.  I'm eating baby food now and my favorite food so far is
gerber cookies.  My Big Brother makes me laugh all the time.  He is always playing with me and trying to
make me walk.  One day I'm gonna be able to walk and even run faster than him.

18 Jun 06 -- 9 months old going on 9 years old!!  I can crawl now.  I move real fast too.  I love to play with
my brother's toys because he has all the good ones like motorcycles, Batmans, Power Rangers, and stuff.  I
don't know why he doesn't want to share.  I can also sit still while I get my hair done as long as I get a snack!
I took my first plane ride in April and it was OK, I was sleep.  I saw alot of my family in Dallas was so
much fun.  I didn't know who all the people were but they were nice to me.  Some of them were loud and
crazy, but my Dad got me ready for that (sorry Dad, but you are loud).  I also met the Bigham's this month.  
They are cool!  We went to museums and say airplanes and big scary animals. I have to go harass my
Brother now, BYE!

26 Nov 06 --  Hello world!  I am 1 year old now!  I am having a great time.  It has been a couple of months
since my Dad updated my site.  We moved to a new house and there is a playground across the street and
I go there with my brother.  He takes care of me really well.  I love my Big Brother!  I went to his birthday
party and had fun with the big kids.  My Big Brother takes me to his classroom and I play with the big kids
and they are funny.  I had a fun birthday too.  I had lots of cake and all my friends were there.  Halloween
was fun...we were in a parade and went to a party.  I saw McGruff the crime dog.  My Dad was Zorro.  I got a
lot of candy!  I saw my cousin Truman and all my Aunt's.  I had fun with my Grandparents on both sides of
my family in the last couple of months. My Mom's parents cam e to see me and I went to see my Dad's
parents.  I love them so much.  I can also say a bunch of words, but my Dad and Mom are the only ones
who can really understand me.  Well I have to go mess with my brother.  Talk to you all next month.

5 May 07 -- What's up everyone?  WOW...six months since my site has been updated!  My crazy Dad
needs to get on the ball.  I am almost double the age I was last time.  I am 19 months now, but my dad says I
am going on 10 years old, whatever that means.  I can talk alot better now...well people understand me
(outside of my parents).  Many things have happened since November.  I got 4 more teeth (they sure hurt).  
My ear infection that seemed to last all my life has finally began to heal and the Doctor says I don't need
tubes in my ears.  We had another Christmas.  IT WAS GREAT!!!  I still don't get it, but once a year we get
presents. Terrell tries to explain it to me but I am confused.  Something about someones birthday and a guy
in a red suit.  I just liked all the presents and all the paper the presents were in.  I got a power wheels and I
can drive it really good.  I got a kitchen too.  After Christmas i went skiing, but I was to little to ski.  I played in
the snow. All my Aunt's (Mom's sisters) came to visit and I played with my cousin Truman.  He cries alot but
he is fun to play with.  My favorite thing that happened was visiting Papa and Memo and Uncle Maurice.  I
love my Uncle Maurice.  He always played with me and picked me up.  I got to sleep with Memo and Papa
every night.  They take up alot of space so i had to sleep wild so i can have alot of space. Memo brought
me some new clothes and i look really pretty now.  I met my T-Jewel and she is funny.  I like her thick
glasses she wears.  She sees everything with them.  My brother has really been taking care of me these
last months.  He makes sure I always have a snack and i do what Mom and Dad says.  He tries to change
my pamper sometimes but he takes too long and i try to run away.  That is all I have this time.  I have to go
take Terrell's toys and hide them.  BYE!!!

21 September 07 -- Hello World! YES another SIX months.  I know my Dad is busy, but he needs to get on
his job.  So much happened I don't know where to begin.  I moved classes and I am in the BIG kids
classroom now.  I took notes from my Big Brother and they love me.  I got in two fight though, but no one
messes with me that let me do as I please.  My Mom told me I can't beat up on everyone one!  I am working
on the potti thing.  It is hard!  Too much pressure when i can just go in the pamper.  I went to Texas and had
an OUTSTANDING time (as my Dad would say).  Halloween was fun also, Terrell and I got soooooo much
candy.  Dad took all the M&M's and ate them.  We were in a parade and I was Dora, but people thought I
was a reggae girl, whatever that is.  Dad was Spiderman and Mom was a pirate.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving
and I have to help Mom cook.  Memo and PawPaw are on their way here RIGHT now.  I can't wait to see
them.  I will tell my Dad to put the pictures up quicker this time.  Talk to you later and HAPPY

23 February 08 -- Well everyone, I got my Dad to do the page in FOUR months instead of SIX.  He is
getting better!  It has been a wild couple of months.  I have been learning alot from my Big Brother.  I can
count to 10 and say my ABCs.  I am learning to say the days of the week.  It is hard though.  Christmas was
the BEST!  We made cookies and Santa came and he brought me SOOOOO many things.  I got new
clothes and lots of toys.  My favorite is all my dress up clothes.  You should see my pictures.  My Dad and I
had a weekend together just me and him.  It was fun!!! We did so much and he took me shopping!  He kept
talking to me alot, but I didn't know what he was saying exactly.  I know he said he loved me alot.  I love my
crazy Dad too.