Hey, get that camera
out of my face! I’m
tryin' to sleep!
Nyla's Home on the Web
Welcome to my website.  It has been a long
time coming. Actually 38 weeks.  I'm finally here
in the world and so far it's great.  I have more
leg room out here.  On this site you will find
pictures of me and the things I do.  My thoughts
(typed by Dad) can be found on My Progress
page.  Enjoy the site and email me at

Thank Everyone for all the
Love, Prayers, and Gifts
Born September 14, 2005
Weighed 5 lbs, 9 oz.
Measured 19 in.
Born Andrews AFB, Maryland (Malcolm
Grow Medical Center)
About My Site
My site is current as of 26 November 2006.  Let
me know if you don't like something or want to
see some additions and I will tell my Dad! Don't
forget to check out My Progress page and also
my brothers website at
September 14, 2005
Nyla Monet Augurson